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I am a certified Strategic Life Coach specializing in Intimacy and Relationship Coaching. In other words, I use my certification as a Sexual Health & Pleasure Educator as well as the holistic techniques I mastered as a Strategic Life Coach in order to educate and encourage my clients in building their interpersonal relationships and towards embracing healthy, vibrant sexuality.

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I am a Sexual Health & Pleasure Educator and Consultant. I assist individuals and couples in clarifying their own intimate needs and boundaries, suggesting the tools they need to experience exceptional sexual health and well-being. I also offer educational workshops monthly centered around sexual health and pleasure.

I am a Pleasure Professional affiliated with where you can join my educational live streams and read articles I’ve written centering on a host of different sex and relationship topics, including sex and religion, healthy communication, creating and re-creating partnered relationship visions, pleasure techniques, and sexual health.

Visit my YouTube page for informative sex and relationship videos.