Relationship Coaching Client

“How can I thank you for practically saving our marriage? … I was actually afraid we were headed for divorce. My friends were so quick to suggest we go our separate ways, but I knew we still loved each other after all these years. … We’re still working on the communication skills you shared and we still argue about finances now and then, but now we know we’re fighting to save our marriage not fighting each other.”

[name withheld at client’s request]


R. P., Texas

“Micki is a terrific educator and coach. She makes it easy to talk about [sexual] things that are sometimes hard to talk about. She’s funny and engaging… I recommend her highly for anyone who wants to learn more about living life to the fullest.”


Jennifer, Grapevine, Texas

“Thanks for helping me recover the confidence that I’d actually forgotten I ever had! I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to not be afraid to just be myself again.”



Maureen in Fort Worth, TX

“My husband and I were basically in what was a sexless marriage before we consulted with Micki. We’d resigned ourselves to thinking that passion was a thing of the past. We were wrong!”