To Forgo the “O”

Sex without orgasm? You're jokin', right?

Bedtime as “We” Time

Research has shown time and time again that most relationships end because of loss of intimacy and connection. 

What Is an Intimate Adult Sexual Relationship?

Let's face it, we don't know what we don't know. If you were asked to create a delicious four course meal from scratch that would be enticing, balanced, and healthy for your dinner guest, where would you begin?

Searching for Your Buried Pleasure

It's unreasonable to think that another person automatically knows what turns us on or off ...

Are You and Your Partner PDA Compatible?

Who doesn't love a little public display of affection? Well, apparently a lot of people.

He Said Whaaat?

Even the experts cannot agree on how many different communications styles actually exist, so how is the average Jane supposed to know how to communicate effectively?

Who Took My “Perfect Relationships” Book?

People need people. It's as simple as that (or as complicated, as the case may be).