Micki’s Mission Statement

When working with clients, my purpose is to offer:

  • Unconditional and equal acceptance. Every single human life is precious and worthy of dignity and respect as such. I am no more and no less than you are. It is not my place to judge you as a human being, only to challenge you towards continual personal growth and maturity relative to your present life stage. 
  • Proven intimacy and relationship guidance — realistic, practical, strategic guidance. That is, it is always my intention to share accurate, sex-positive information and offer sensible and pragmatic guidance when working with you to create change towards the results you desire and deserve.
  • Truth. Beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and opinions are subjective and can be changed, making them unreliable. Objective truth is the strongest foundation from which we can build in the context of our lives. I am steadfast in my goal to be generous with love and compassion and to be sincerely authentic with others.


Prospective clients may note:

  • While I believe that sex and intimacy can be two separate components of healthy adult relationships, I believe the two are intrinsically linked; therefore, I do not usually make obvious distinctions between the two. Intimacy coaching is frequently about building emotional connections. I believe that sex (not only the sex act, but sexuality in general) and emotional connection are often two sides of the same coin in an intimate relationship. If you know that you are seeking coaching related strictly to sexual topics (outside of or apart from relationship coaching), you may request a complimentary introduction to sexuality and pleasure education here
  • My coaching style is not prescriptive. Rather, it is collaborative and peer-based. I am not a medical professional, guru, or magician. My client is in charge. My client sets their own coaching goals and their own desired outcomes. As their coach, I provide expert guidance, thoughtful and action-provoking questions, and accountability and encouragement as requested by each client.
  • I believe in the fundamental goodness of all humans’ sexuality, as it is a God-given gift, and in the indispensable birth right of all people to accept and to embrace their sexuality.♥