The Spice of my Life

Before my husband and I married, whenever people would ask what our relationship was, I found myself hard-pressed for an easy answer. If someone asked, “Is he your boyfriend?” an affirmative response didn’t feel adequate enough. I’d had boyfriends before and he was so much more significant than any of them had been, and I loved him on a much deeper, more mature level. When asked if we were engaged, for a long time I couldn’t say yes, due to his … let us say, commitment issues.

So, we weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend, and I didn’t see us becoming spouses any time soon; being the phrase-maker that I am, I decided to declare us each other’s spice. Once we did finally marry, he adopted the endearing habit of always introducing me as his “bride.” Even today, almost twenty-five years later, I’m not “the wife,” but rather his bride and he’s always and forever my spice.

Saddleback Cellers June 2015
With my spice during a vacation to Wine Country, 2015.


If you’re actually interested in reading the nitty gritty about the truly tumultuous beginnings of our lasting relationship, I’ve re-posted a blog entry from October 4th, 2014 here.