Confidentiality Agreement

Before coaching services begin, clients will be required to electronically agree to the following agreement.


Client confidentiality is required by Texas State Law, and Micki Allen Coaching and Education keeps to the highest standards in this regard.

Ministerial Confidentiality.  Micki Allen is also an ordained non-denominational Christian minister.  As Micki Allen is not a “preacher” or “pastor” for a particular congregation, Micki Allen is not beholden to any specific Christian denomination or church affiliation. Micki Allen’s ordination permits her to perform church rites and sacraments, such as baptisms, legal marriages and funerals. As a minister, Micki Allen’s duty of confidentiality is breached if she discloses confidences to anyone, anywhere except when required by law (see Client Bill of Rights).

Coaching Is Confidential.  Client records and transactions with the practitioner are confidential, and may only be viewed by Micki Allen, unless release of these records is authorized in writing by the client, or otherwise provided by law. For the ethical and actual safety of the coach as well as the client(s), all video conferences are recorded. This is an industry standard intended to protect all parties involved.

All Parties Agree to This Confidentiality Agreement. All parties agree to keep all information gleaned or shared during sessions completely confidential. Any handouts/workbooks or proprietary techniques shared during sessions are the intellectual and actual property of Micki Allen Coaching and Education and will be solely intended for client use and may not be shared, copied, or sold. Violators will be prosecuted.

All of the information contained herein is presented in good faith. 

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