10 Reasons to Have Your Yoni Mapped & How it Can Heal by Myola Woods

In ancient times women had temples, to heal, to learn, to weave their magic. The temples were safe places for knowledge transference, womb stories, and the sharing of the mystic mysteries of women and their genitals. Over time, these practices have disappeared and nowadays the only time women (if ever they do) speak of such [...]

Oh, My God: Sex and Spirituality

Faith-friendly. Sex-positive. Shame-free.

Sex Positive Christianity: Rev Bev Returns!

Rev Bev is my mentor and friend. Check out her latest interview.

Sex with Timaree

As a kid, I was raised in the Catholic church and found great solace in faith… until I learned more about the history of the religion and saw how many forms of theology have been and still are used to sustain some of the worst forms of oppression. I stopped attending Mass, informed my parents I would not be getting confirmed and did a 180 into a very reactionary set of atheist beliefs.

rev bevThat story been the case for many folks, especially those whose experiences as sexual minorities in the church have been awful and traumatic. But Reverend Beverly Dale, also known as Rev Bev, battles diligently to prove that spirituality, even religiosity, is not incompatible with being queer, feminist or sex positive.

We’ve been honored to have her on the show before and we’re ecstatic to have her back to talk about her journey, the women who inspired…

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Help! Our Sex Life Sucks

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5 Ways to Be An ALLY to the LGBTQ Community

Wrapping up Pride Month shouldn't be the end of our love and support for our friends and family in the Queer Community. Here are five simple habits that I've found to be effective and respectful ways to be a friend and ally. Know that all fellow human beings are worthy of dignity and respect. Wow, [...]