About Micki

Are you ever afraid of losing your lover?

Do you feel threatened by the thought of your partner seeking the passion they secretly desire from someone else?

Does the thought of your family being ripped apart by infidelity scare the hell out of you?

Are you afraid you aren’t “enough” for your lover?

I know exactly how that feels. I felt the same way, too. For years I lived in constant fear. Infidelity had shattered the hearts of practically every adult in my young life; and, I swore to myself that I would never allow that pattern to be repeated in my own life, my own family.

I’ve gone from fearful to fun, frisky, and fierce. You can, too.

I’ve spent my entire adult life reversing the shame and blame surrounding sexuality and arming myself with the knowledge and resources of intimacy and relationships in order to guarantee myself that I would never lose the man I love and subsequently watch my family fall apart due to sexual ignorance or apprehension.


Now, I’m on a mission to help others who may struggle with similar doubts and fears. Because living in fear sucks the energy and joy right out of you.  I no longer live in fear. And, you shouldn’t either. I’ve gone from fearful to fun, frisky, and fierce. You can, too.

Micki as a human being…

I am deeply spiritual; and while my personal philosophy stems from Judeo-Christian origin, I warmly embrace all fellow human beings regardless of their gender, race, personal philosophies, sexual orientations and/or practices, religious beliefs and/or disbeliefs, and world-views.

Micki as a human doing…

I am a mentor and an educator by training, experience, and profession. I am a lifelong learner and have earned numerous certifications and credentials, my most recent being Advanced Sexuality and Pleasure Education from the Institute of Sexual Education and Enlightenment. I have over 17 years of practical mentoring experience. If you’re a “show me the stats” kinda gal who likes facts and figures, head on over to my professional LinkedIn profile for the full scoop.

I am a certified Strategic Life Coach specializing in Intimacy and Relationship Coaching. I also currently work part-time at an adult novelty boutique to keep current on the wide array of sexy gadgets and gizmos available for the grown up toy box. Even there, I assist individuals and couples in clarifying their own intimate needs and boundaries, suggesting the tools they need to experience exceptional sexual health and well-being. I offer one-on-one consultations (via phone, Zoom, or face-to-face sessions) and group workshops centered around sex education. I give quarterly instruction on various sex positive, pleasure related topics. My most recent topics included “BDSM for Nice Girls,” “Fantasy and the Pleasures of Power Exchange,” and “Backdoor Play: External and Internal Pleasure Techniques.”

Lastly, for those women who don’t want coaching but just want someone who won’t question or judge them for being who they are, who want to talk to about the more intimate and private areas of their lives without fear of negative repercussions, I offer a professional Personal Confidante service.

Keeping my priorities in check…

I am first and foremost a wife and mother.  Mr. Allen, a.k.a., my Spice, and I met in January of 1990 and officially began our family circus as Clan Allen in 1993. I am grateful to say that in 2018, we will celebrate our first quarter century as husband and bride. We have co-created seven amazing,  delightfully diverse, and fiercely independent children.