I first began educating people about human sexuality in 1990 when I joined the South Plains AIDS Resource Center, one of the first AIDS outreach programs in West Texas, as a student liaison in 1990.

While teaching Literature and Grammar at a private Christian school, and as the only instructor freely confident in speaking about sexuality, I was asked to teach high school sex education in health classes, limited to an abstinence-only curriculum. It was at that time I came to understand what a dangerous disservice it was to young people. I realized that conditioning impressionable minds to view sex as something taboo and akin to only disease and unwanted pregnancy could have devastating and long-lasting ill-effects.



I’ve since made it my primary mission to repair the misrepresentation that I, and countless other well-meaning adults, presented concerning Christian sexuality. Earning credentials from the Institute of Sexuality Education and Enlightenment as well as the Incarnation Institute of Sex & Faith, I have armed myself with the science-based and faith-friendly information necessary to foster and encourage Christians in overcoming social conditioning and religious repression in order to begin building and maintaining healthy intimate relationships.

If you are interested in learning more, I’m here for you. I encourage you to contact me here.