My Thoughts on Pornography [video]

As an adult sex and pleasure educator and relationship coach, I’m often asked about my thoughts on the adult entertainment industry. Well, in a sense, I work in the adult entertainment industry! Alas, Pornography – Are you Pro or Con? is the subject of my latest video. See if you can follow along as I go back in forth between the pros and cons of the adult entertainment industry. [Please note: the content is not graphic and is age-restricted by me simply for the subject matter.]


    1. Thank you so much, Mr. Teemley for your thoughts and for sharing Westen’s article concerning the link between the two. I am sincerely honored by your graciousness.
      As I pointed out in my video, I wrote an entire thesis on “Pornography: Theory to the Practice of Rape.” My point is that now that more women (especially self-identified feminists and queer womxn) are entering the adult entertainment industry, an entirely new genre of “ethical porn” is being explored.
      In the article you share, Dr. Hines reiterates my very point about how dangerous it is that pornography is replacing legitimate sex education in America — which is not only preposterous, it’s alarmingly malignant. Another reason I speak out constantly about the need for adult sex education.
      It also segues into my personal Libertarian-leaning political views about the desperate need for laws that ensure a safe, sane, and consensual sex working environment; however, as I am not a political blogger, per se, I typically do my utmost to steer clear of politics in general in my writing and video commentary.
      Again, I am so honored by your thoughtfulness in taking the time to comment and share your views — which actually reflect my own dilemma and reservations when it comes to the subject of pornography.


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